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7062 6.4L Alumiunm Radiator
  • 7062 6.4L Alumiunm Radiator

CSF 6.4L Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator 7062


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Product Description

CSF Ford 6.4L Diesel Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator 7062

When you buy a radiator from Team CSF you will receive a component that has been engineered to the highest specifications.

CSFs parts will fit exactly the same as with the original manufacturers parts.

No need to move fittings, drill additional holes, or stretch hoses to get their radiators to fit properly.

Drop it in, bolt it down, and hook it up! No unpleasant surprises guaranteed!


  • Engineered to the highest specifications
  • Parts fits exactly the same as the original manufacturers
  • Drop it in, bolt it in, and hook it up easy installation
  • All Aluminum tanks and core
  • CNC machined fittings