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Mishimoto 6.4L Coolant Filter Kit MMCFK-F2D-08BL


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Product Description

Mishimoto Ford 6.4L Diesel Coolant Filter Kit MMCFK-F2D-08BL

The Mishimoto MMCFK-F2D-08 Coolant Filter Kit is an add-on filtration system
designed to remove extra solid particles left over from when the factory cast the engine
on your 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. These contaminants can clog your trucks
factory oil cooler, EGR cooler, and other critical engine components.

The Mishimoto direct-fit coolant filter kit helps prevent your truck from being a victim of
factory cooler clogs and failure. The application-specific mounting bracket mounts a precision
CNC-machined 6061 aluminum filter mount and Wix coolant filter to the passenger side frame
rail area, an ideal location for easily removing the filter.

This Powerstroke coolant filter kit is routed in parallel with the flow path of your coolant system
and allows a small amount of coolant to be filtered with each pass. The Mishimoto engineers also
included two brass ball valves with this kit to help make changing the filters a clean process.
The two included silicone hoses with embedded heat-resistant fibers are more reliable than factory
rubber hose and are offered in black, blue, or red to complement any engine bay.


Removes Coolant Contaminants
Extends Life Of Cooling System Components
Bolt-On Application Specific Mounting Bracket – No Drilling Required
Kit Includes:

(1) Application-Specific Mounting Bracket
(1) Silver Anodized 6061 Aluminum Filter Mount
(1) Wix Coolant Filter
(2) Silicone Hoses
(2) Brass Ball Valves
(8) Worm-Gear Clamps
(2) Plastic Tee Barbed Fitting
Mounting Hardware
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
Note: Mishimoto recommends changing the coolant filter after the first month, again after 3 months,
and then every year after that, depending on driving conditions. Because each engine was cast differently,
there will be a different amount of debris in each engine.