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MMRAD-F2D-08V2 Radiator
  • MMRAD-F2D-08V2 Radiator

Mishimoto 6.4L Aluminum Radiator MMRAD-F2D-08V2


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Product Description

Mishimoto Ford 6.4L Aluminum Radiator MMRAD-F2D-08V2 


  • Version 2 product design
  • Direct fit for the 6.4L Powerstroke
  • Incorporates co-molded aluminum/rubber mounting pegs to reduce the truck’s torque transfer to the radiator
  • Incorporates internally strutted tubes in the top and bottom 8 rows for increased strength against high pressure and temperature
  • Strengthened top and bottom core support plates prevent core torquing and bending
  • CNC-machined factory-style quick-disconnect inlet and outlet
  • 100% brazed aluminum core
  • TIG-welded to perfection
  • Includes magnetic drain plug
  • U.S. Patent Number: D717,702 S
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Mishimoto Performance Radiators

Mishimoto performance radiators are designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and, most of all, protect your engine from overheating. Many stock radiators can’t handle the additional heat that comes higher horsepower levels. So, swap out your stock radiator for an all-aluminum Mishimoto.

Key features and benefits of Mishimoto performance radiators include:

* Available for universal and exact fit applications (no cutting or modifications required)
* All-aluminum construction for optimal heat dissipation, improved strength, and reliability
* Increased cooling capacity due to their massive core size
* 100 percent brazed aluminum core for minimal distortion, low stress, and clean joints
* Available in various sizes with 2-row or 3-row cores
* TIG-welded for clean, strong welds and increased durability
* Magnetic drain plugs capture metallic debris or fragments
* Included high-pressure 1.3 bar cap raises the coolant boiling point for greater safety and efficiency
* Automatic transmission and accessory coolers included where applicable