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Rev-X High Performance Oil Additive


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Product Description

REV-X High Performance Oil Additive is a most complete and modern oil additive package that improves all aspects of engine oils, gear lubes, and hydraulic fluids.

2 bottles required for diesel engines.

Benefits of using REV-X High Performance Oil Additive:

  • Increases Efficiency
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque
  • Greatly Improves Starting In Cold Weather
  • Provides Smoother Operation of all Treated Components
  • Extreme Reductions in Component Wear
  • Reduces Operating Temperatures To Increase Performance
  • Increased Lubricant Service Life
  • Can be used in All Types of Lubricating Fluids (Engine Oils, Gear Lubricants, Hydraulic Fluid, Etc).
  • For use in a Huge Variety of Applications That require The Highest Grade of Lubrication Possible
  • Contains No Graphite, Moly, Teflon, Acids or Any Other Harmful Additives
  • Rev-X is safe for all Soft and Exotic Metals
  • Environmentally Friendly Green Product
  • REV X High-Performance Oil Additive is an all-purpose additive developed for any oil, lube, lubricant, and oil-based hydraulic fluids.  Add it to any application where you want to reduce friction, eliminate metal to metal wear, reduce heat, or keep sludge and varnish from building up.  It’s even strong enough to fix HEUI injectors which is why it’s known as The Powerstroke Stiction Fix™.


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