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224-3503WR.020 piston
  • 224-3503WR.020 piston

Mahle 6.0L Piston Set w/Rings (.020) 224-3503WR.020


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Product Description

Mahle/Clevite Ford 6.0L Diesel Piston w/Rings (.020) 224-3503WR.020

Year Range:

2003-2007 F-Series

2003-2005 Excursion

2003-2010 E-Series


MAHLE Original® pistons are OE quality and have many premium OE features. Pistons have to put up with extreme pressures, as their working conditions have become significantly tougher in recent years. Naturally, the demands on pistons have also risen progressively: they must be lighter, must have lower oil consumption and must be absolutely safe and reliable.

MAHLE Original piston features:

  • COMPENSATED RING GROOVES assure proper ring loading and oil control.
  • EXPANSION CONTROLLED DESIGNS for small fitting clearances. With the tighter fitting clearances comes reduced engine noise, reduced wear, reduced emissions and improved oil control in the long term.
  • PIN OFFSET for reduced engine noise.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN for reduced reciprocating mass without sacrificing reliability. This reduces bearing loads, offers smoother engine running and improves engine response. The MAHLE design can reduce piston weight by up to 15% compared to original factory parts.

MAHLE Original pistons are reliable. In many instances, MAHLE is asked to supply the pistons for an OE manufacturer’s high output, premium engines.

MAHLE’s eutectic (12% silicon) aluminum alloy is performance proven in literally millions of engines around the world including high output diesel engines and Formula One racing.