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800221 6.7l damper
  • 800221 6.7l damper

Fluidamper 6.7L Damper 800221


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Product Description

Fluidamper Ford 6.7L Steel Black Zinc Damper 800221

The Performance Diesel Damper

Fluidampr invented the viscous performance diesel damper.
No other damper tames torsional vibrations like the original Fluidampr that’s made in the U.S.A.

The buzz among performance truck owners is how well Fluidampr quiets and smooths

out chatter in diesel engines. These smooth running engines gain HP and Torque. So if you’re driving

a tuned-up diesel pick-up…you’ve got to have a Fluidampr.

It’s important for the damper on your diesel engine to function properly. Stock elastomeric dampers

have a short life span and do not control torsional vibrations at all RPM’s. The rubber rings in stock dampers deteriorate.

Fluidampr offers a superior performance that lasts.

A new Fluidampr on your diesel truck will not only protect your engine from destructive but will also increase TORQUE & HORSEPOWER.

High performance diesel engines running chips and programmers are exceptionally vulnerable to torsional vibrations.

Save your crank & more by installing a new Fluidampr today.