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18215-D 6.7l cold air intake
  • 18215-D 6.7l cold air intake

Edge 6.7L Jammer Cold Air Intake 18215-D


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Product Description

Edge Ford 6.7L Jammer Cold Air Intake 18215-D

The all-new Jammer Cold Air Intake is a revolutionary design that improves

airflow by blocking hot air and using cooler, denser air for optimal efficiency,

now with an all-new dry filter.  Edge performance tuning, combined with the

Jammer CAI, offers best-in-class results for maximum performance, and improved continuous power.



  • Dry filter
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for dusty, dry environment
  • Easily cleaned with compressed air
  • High density, cold air intake
  • Increased horsepower & fuel economy
  • Compatible with Edge tuning products
  • Enclosed housing for superior cool airflow
  • Improves continuous power
  • High flow, low restriction



In addition to the dry options, we’ve also have both oiled and dry replacement filters, recharge cleaning kits, and filter wrap covers.  These additional offerings give Edge a comprehensive intake lineup for you to choose from!