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BD-Diesel E-PAS Emerency Engine Shutdown 1036754


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Product Description

Ford 6.4L BD Diesel E-PAS Emerency Engine Shutdown 1036754

The BD-Power 1036754 E-PAS Emergency Engine Shutdown for your
2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke is the perfect solution for when you
need an emergency engine shutdown system. Some industries such as
mining, oil refinery, forestry, mobile welding, septic removal and refueling
require some vehicles to have an emergency engine shutdown in place.
The most effective method for this is to cut the air supply to the Diesel
engine ensuring fuel ignition to cease. BD-Power achieves this with the
E-PAS without having to add additional bulky components or modifications

to your engine or intake system.

The E-PAS is an electronic controller that simply re-purposes the factory

butterfly valve in your EGR System. It installs easily with factory style
plug-in connectors and will not interfere with normal operation, or throw
any codes or check engine lights. Most importantly, it can be easily

uninstalled for those that lease their truck.


  • Easy Installation
  • Uses Factory EGR Butterfly
  • Automatically Resets After Shutdown
  • Prevents “Runaway” Scenarios By Cutting Air Supply To Engine

Note: This product requires your factory EGR and emissions equipment

to function properly. This product is not intended to be used on trucks
which have been modified for off-road tuning.