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224-3666-0.25MM piston
  • 224-3666-0.25MM piston

6.4L Piston (0.75MM) 224-3666-0.75MM


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Product Description

Mahle/Clevbite Ford 6.4L Diesel Piston (0.75MM) 224-3666-0.75MM

Mahle diesel pistons are cast from high temperature-resistant aluminum

alloys for a reliable piston you can count on. Designed to meet OE quality

standards and even contain many premium features for an uncompromising

quality. Many manufacturers will even ask Mahle to supply them pistons for

premium engine offerings.

Mahle Piston Features:

  • Pin Offset – Reduced engine noise
  • Compensated Ring Grooves – Assures proper ring loading and oil control
  • Expansion Controlled Designs – Tighter fitting clearnaces reduces engine noise, wear, emissions, and improves oil control in the long ter.
  • Lightweight Design – Reduced reciprocating mass without sacrificing reliability. This reduces bearing loads, improves engine response, and makes a smoother running engine.

Notes: Must Order in Set of 8.